Leap Year Full Moon Weekend?

It has been a very strange weekend.  Saturday, I was throwing up all day, couldn’t keep anything down.  I’d been sick (slowly getting worse) over the last two weeks and this seems to have been it’s head.  We thought it was just me (ie, the still-undiagnosed issues from May 2015), but after her test on Monday – the full moon, I feel I should mention – Rysa made herself sick with worry about a test she took and is now throwing up.  So was it a bug or are we both just quirky enough to make ourselves sick?  (Both are actually very plausible options.)

Now, it is snowing!  Normally this would be super duper awesome, but as my poor parents have to drive up on Wednesday (and they’re getting snow between us, too), that means I’m going to have very tired parents for an already-limited time period.  Also, I was very adjusted to the idea of an early spring (hence my gardening), so now I’ve had to bring all my seedlets inside.

So thanks, Full Moon, but don’t be too surprised if I don’t invite you back next weekend.


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