The Collapse

Thursday, after my last day of the week at work, I came home to Rysa – slightly drunk on wine – saying that she drank before she knew Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was in theaters, so I drove us out.  I cannot express my love for this movie.  It makes my heart happy.

Well, having a then-late night with caffeine, I had an odd day on Friday where I just couldn’t sleep and most of our payday shopping was postponed until this morning.  I woke up around noon and we went out to finish the shopping, but this somehow turned into my getting lost in a Sam’s Club parking lot (heavy cart, uphill, bumpy sidewalks, bruised shins).  It was a rough start to our four-store trip.

We completed our shopping, got a lot done, and I decided to make some candles since mine had burned out.  Just as I was finishing the last of them, I set my jar of flaked wax up on the kitchen shelf… and it promptly fell off the wall.  Half a dozen jars filled with various things (shells, vase decor rocks, spices, wax), my ceramic Lord of the Ring and Narnia coasters, my seeds, my cookbook/recipes, and all of my candle-making supplies fell with a great series of glass-shattering crashes onto the top of my foot.

What broke?  One of my dragon-eye vials; the cork disappeared between the glass eye and the glass vial.  That’s literally everything that broke from the five foot fall.  I had a bruise on my foot that, over the course of sweeping up, has all but vanished and not a single piece of glass shattered.

This began an impromptu Spring Cleaning sessions which has left our apartment “more open,” yet incredibly scattered.  I guess that will give me something to do tomorrow.  Now, I’m finally going to eat the noodles I was trying to prepare at the end of my candle making….

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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