Mew Event!

It’s 2016.  20 years ago, Pokemon made it’s debut and, in celebration, the Pokemon Company is releasing some updated memories!

At GameStop, pick up a code card for a Mew – the first legendary Pokemon – before February 24, 2016!  (Available to redeem in X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, or Omega Ruby!)  Remember those original Mews handed out so long ago?  Their internal batteries are dead and they can’t be traded up through Gen III, so they’re dying out.  Don’t let them go extinct!!

Pokemon Generations TCG is released Feb 22.  I’m saving up those popcorn day nickels again so I can snag one, just like the old days!  Because I need the pins.  ALL the pins.  There are also other variations of the Mythical card sets and a 110 cards in the Generations expansion.

For those who can afford a specialty system on top of the one they have, there’s also this pretty release coming out!  Remember when I said they were going to re-release Red/Blue/Yellow for 3DS?  They’re going to be available for download on Feb 27!  You can pre-order them while you’re getting your code card at GameStop!

And finally, they’re re-releasing Pokemon: The First Movie on digital video!  (I don’t need one, I still have the VHS.)


That’s all my Pokemon news for now.  I hope this finds you well and brightens your day as much as it did mine!



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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Yes, it is about time the event Pokemon will be made available each month. Now we can keep a legit one in the Pokebank to transfer into any new game. No more missing numbers in the National Pokedex!


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