B*tch-slap from Above

I truly believe in my heart, soul, and mind, that there comes a point when God is so tired of his signs being ignored that he just stoops down to b*tch-slap you.

I started getting very, very dizzy last night.  It happens on occasion and a good night’s sleep always helps.  This time, it didn’t.  By the time I got to my work desk today, I knew I was going home early.

That was not a happy thought.  I’ve been working really hard to make up for those absences from last year and I had 9.5 weeks of perfect attendance that I did not want to ruin.  I waited on my coach to get out of her meeting to check that I wouldn’t get in serious trouble to leave early.

Meanwhile, I took 1 call.  As I reached to disconnect the line at the end, the phone lost connection, booted me out of the linked computer system, and cut off my connection to the floor chat.  We restarted the phone, but it was gone – with me still logged in and, according to the floor coach, accepting calls.  40 minutes, 3 phone restarts, a computer restart, and a full computer change, I was logged in and ready to go.  My headache was not feeling better.

My coach returned around this time and I spoke to her about leaving early.  This is when God slapped me.

Because the floor coach(es) knew I wasn’t feeling well and knew about my absences, they said they could put me in for unpaid time off (which means no absence is marked).  Then my coach said,

“Or we could put you in for paid time off.”
“I don’t think I have any.”
“You have 24 hours of it right now.”

We start earning PTO at 6 months.  However, thanks to my early-on medical absences, I thought I didn’t have any PTO – never had and never will.  Which means that not only did I get to go home and sleep off my headache without worrying about an absence or a reduced paycheck, but I will still have enough PTO to take an entire week off of work (10 days with weekends).

So message received, God.  I’m taking that nap now.

Hope you all have a great day!



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