Comic Con!

My sister and her boyfriend invited me to join them at Comic Con (my very first!) tonight!  I had a blast, people were awesome, I saw some old friends from High School in Little Town, and I totally saw (from a distance) the guy who played Raze in Underworld!  (His voice is really that deep, it’s awesome.)

I had planned to make this a “cheap” trip, but that didn’t work because there was just SO MUCH AWESOME.  So here is a breakdown of my loot!


Sir Fuzzle

Sir Fuzzle, my Con Ferret
This little guy comes with a convenient ball-chain loop to attach to one’s belt in the event of being purseless as I was.
I plan to knit him a tiny Slytherin scarf, because that was all the “costume” I really had to work with tonight.  Just as a little reminder of my first con.  :)

Batman Lego

Batman Lego figure
He has now commandeered a small fighter plane.  My shelf just got serious.

Sailor Jupiter keychain

Sailor Jupiter keychain
…to add to my collection of Sailor Jupiters.  I reorganized my geek shelf and now Dalek Sec is surrounded by them.


Water Tribe, Pikachu, and Sailor Moon.  There were over 100 designs to choose from and I picked these suckers out in <60 sec.


A Naruto shuriken
I plan to hang this from my rear-view mirror, since it is not shiny and won’t reflect into my eyes.

TMNT prints

TMNT art prints
Now these were really my favorites from this trip.  There was this one artist (“Bowie”) who had all of these geeky prints and I had a hard time deciding between getting a Turtle or a Power Ranger because they were just so awesome.  I went back to get a second one – for Rysa, since she couldn’t come – and the guy recognized me and gave me a super discount for the whole Turtle Team!  (4 for less than the price of 3.)  I really wish I had the money to go back for more.


Hope you all had an awesome Saturday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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