Christmas Loot!

Before we begin, I would like to thank my beloved friends and family and awesome-sauce sister who all got me Christmas gifts this year!  You all made this a very merry Christmas, even without the gifts!

As many of you know, I was unable to go to Christmas “on time” with my family this year due to the blizzard (and it’s not Christmas without my family), so we have stalled it until… Saturday!

I was told to drive safe between Big City and Little City because of black ice, but except for a stretch about 2 miles long roughly 10 miles outside of Big City and the last 8-10 miles outside of Little City, there wasn’t even snow on the road.  (A lot of pretty, snowy views just next to the road, but not on the road.)  So huzzah for 200 miles of clear roads!

Now, then, on to my awesome gifts!

To my roommate, I gave a copy of Eragon (she somehow only had book #2), a white/gold planner, and we each exchanged a rock soap from a local Uptown store we found: Anthropologie (I got her a green one).

From my roommate, I received a Spellbook Billfold and a “diamond” rock soap!

“Aw, you got me a diamond for Christmas!  You shouldn’t have.”


The spellbook billfold goes great with my ThinkGeek Handbag of Holding I bought myself earlier in the year and comes with 14 cards accessible card slots + ID slot.  It’s rather beautiful.  I then decorated the billfold with the “reptile eye” charm I made from Hobby Lobby.

Rysa: “It looks like Book, from Hocus Pocus.  Booooo-OOOOOK–”
Me: *throws book at Rysa*
Rysa: “Why would you do that?”
Me: “Don’t look at me, YOU summoned it.”

To my Mama, I got a mini calendar that she requested, a set of votive candles, and I knit a blue-green scarf out of colors she picked out.  To my Daddy, two CDs he asked for and a restaurant gift card.

From my parents, I received money with which to buy myself gifts and I chose items to spruce up the apartment.  I got a Threshold 2-cube shelf as a nightstand with a faux fur cube, a mortar & pestle with which to grind herbs I plan to plant this summer, some glass jars to store the herbs in, some terracotta pots to plant the herbs in, lots of EOS chapstick because that stuff is amazing, a digital kitchen scale, and some cabinet spice replacements (peppercorn blend).


From the Grandparents, I received a stuffed owl “ornament”, some cute pajama pants, and money with which I bought a steelbook Star Wars III on blu-ray and the Break Through! collectors tin.


To my Seestor, I gave 2 Break Through booster packs, a Dalek Sec Pop! Funko (the black Dalek, which was a B&N exclusive), The Hobbit 3: Extended edition on Blu-ray, a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy complete series in paperback, as well as knitting her a Ravenclaw scarf and matching hat for her Luna Lovegood costume!

From my Seestor, I got… a LOT of stuff.  In order of pictured: A second Sailor Jupiter figurine, a squeaky hamster, little erasers shaped like sushi, a Tokyo Otaku Mode sushi pillow, Alpacaso, and bear (“Berry”), s1 of Witches of East End, Prince Caspian (my favorite Narnia movie), Pop! Funko Retro Batman and Evolving Dalek SecBorderlands 2 and Assassins Creed III for PC, Siren’s Song Manic Panic hair dye, a mug of baby Pokemon playing marching band, a Mega Mewtwo EX card, as well as a t-shirt with my sister’s “brand” name on it, Sailor Jupiter stickers, a Pokemon sticker, a Latios EX card box (booster packs inside), and sweets!

When shopping for my sister, she gave a list of POP! Funko figures she wanted, mostly store-exclusives.  One was a basic Dalek.  I looked at Barnes & Noble early in the season, but they only had one Dalek and the box was bad (Seestor likes her collectibles to look nice).  They had a Dalek Sec Funko that was a B&N Exclusive, so I got her that one, instead.  This weekend, I learned she had also gotten me a Dalek Sec exclusive Funko, just in another pose!  Our parents had no idea why we were laughing so hard or what a Dalek Sec was.

Hope you all had a fun New Year’s Eve!


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