My 2016 Resolutions

It’s commonplace to make resolutions and fall through.  This year, though, things are pretty straight forward.

  • Feel better than I did in 2015!  (At this point, I could get diagnosed with some stages of cancer and still be better off than I was after that stomach bug in May ’15.)
  • Keep my job and/or leave of my own scheme!  (I’m at 7 weeks of perfect attendance and my longest stretch was 10 weeks when I first started.  It looks good right now.)
  • Have a bigger garden, filled with more plants I mean to/am able to eat!  (Self-sufficient, ho!)
  • Keep my Autobot running!  (This is a multi-year plan.  My Autobot is at 196,800 miles [316,700 km] right now and I want it to well surpass 200,000.)
  • Not kill my roommate for another year!  (Another multi-year plan, though this year has been much more successful than our first.)
  • Actually get to swim in the pool this summer!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have just-opened Christmas munchies to partake!



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