Life Updates (Mostly Work)

This week at work has been brutal.  I work in a call center and, thanks to the holiday promotions and system delays, we’ve had a lot of angry callers.  Tuesday night was the worst; every bitter customer in the country called in (which isn’t to say every call was a bitter customer) and everyone just felt sickly overwhelmed.  Added to that, I’ve been getting flack for using too much documentation time between calls (like, 3x what I should every day).

Well, as soon as I logged onto my computer, I found an email waiting that really picked me up.  One of my peers working a case I took down told me my notes were clear, legible, understandable, and he wished more people took notes like me because he never had to guess what had happened/what I meant.  For a writer like me, that made my day a dozen times brighter than it could have been.  (Then I got to work emails for all but about 15 minutes of my shift, which was AMAZING.)

So I came home, made cookies, and have the awesome news that, by this time tomorrow, I will be at 7 straight weeks of perfect attendance!!  (For those who endured my 6-month stomachache, you know how exciting that is.)

I went to Hastings last night to unwind/walk out my frustrations, and I kept passing this girl in the movies who would whisper and giggle to her friend, “She has a Slytherin scarf!” (This being my homemade one, *insert pride here*.)

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful week, a safe New Year’s (if yours happens this weekend), and general happiness for the days to come.



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