Christmas Crafting

Christmas Crafts (all)

These aren’t crafts for Christmas so much as crafts I did around Christmas. We have a blizzard coming in (I wish you guys could hear the wind roaring outside the window, it’s ominous) and I decided to spend Christmas with my family next weekend when there isn’t a storm rushing me home.

Harry Potter match box

Christmas Crafts matchbox

I have recently gotten into “using candles” (color therapy, mostly) and Rysa had been holding back because of my allergies, so we have been going through candles and matches like crazy.  While wandering the Uptown Shopping Center, we found a store with beautiful little match boxes… that were $8 (vs. $0.88 at Wal-Mart).  I’m too poor and they were too flimsy.  So I made my own!

I purchased some Jelly Belly Berty Bott’s Every Flavor Beans on Amazon and, once I devoured/choked down every flavor, I filled the box with matches.  Simple enough.  The box has a tab on the inside that holds the lid down so the matches don’t fall out.

The striker, however, was made from the striker on a cheap box of matches hot glued to a silver oxide “stamping tag” that I got at Hobby Lobby (3/$3 USD).  I had some spare nylon string, punched a small hole into the box (hidden by the flap), and tied it together.

Lily Dreamcatchers

I haven’t been sleeping well and, while I’ve blamed it on everything from cursed bed sheets to caffeine, sometimes my body just doesn’t want to play nice and gives me crazy dreams.  I went on a massive cleaning/rearranging spree Christmas morning while alone and found my bedroom ceiling corner looked lonely… so I looked up how to make a dreamcatcher!

You’re supposed to use wood or a metal loop, but I wanted to make it sentimental/RIGHT NOW, so I went out back and trimmed some of the sprigs off Lily that she’s grown since I pruned her back in September.  That’s why they look like a drunk person made them round.

First, I trimmed Lily’s leaves and thorns and let the sprig soak in a pan of water to help me bend it.  (I think this works better on wood, but it did help a tiny bit.)  Then I tied a “loop”, wrapped it in blue ribbon (my favorite color of blue, which helps me relax), and used white nylon string to make the pattern.  I offered to make Rysa one, so we went to Hobby Lobby (my second time today) for orange ribbon and I bought some craft feathers to hang.

Dragon’s Eye Bottles

Christmas Crafts eye jars

Working on my dreamcatchers finally overflowed my little bottle of Lily’s thorns (rose petals are to save from loved ones, so I keep the thorns to remember my first rose bush) and I had to get more.

Then I found these reptile eye “beads” at Hobby Lobby.  They came in 2 sets of 3 pairs. each set with a small, medium, and large.  The large set of one reminded me of Smaug/dragon eyes, so I bought some charm backings for them, but the two pairs of medium sizes fit the lids of my new jars perfectly.  Now I have one jar filled with rose thorns and another with 0.5mm pencil lead!

Christmas Crafts eye charms

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or the Winter Solstice or Hanukkah, I hope you had a great December and look forward to the New Year (assuming yours happens in January).  I have hot tea to drink and peppermint gingerbread cookies to make!



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