Life Updates! Krissye levels up!

Happy December, everyone!  I haven’t written for a bit, but life has been hectic – my Autobot broke, my birthday came and went, Rysa and I got back into WoW – and I can’t wait for Christmas!

2015 Birthday

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday Loot.  Presents are never mandatory, so it’s always nice to receive!  I also got a new phone from my parents, because mine wasn’t working, as well as new ignition wires for my Autobot.

Rysa and I were once in a WoW guild we really liked (but the only other girl in the group was the leader and, during school, she booted us both out) and she used to tell old war stories of how the game used to be years ago and of her favorite character, a Blood Elf Hunter named Lunamaria, who had been lost.  Well, quite my accident, she was rediscovered this last weekend after five years missing!

(I’ll add a picture of her when Rysa gives gaming a break so I can find her screenshots…)

While getting groceries and stocking stuffers, I found a set of Christmas cookie cutters that caught my eye because one of them looked like… the Sorting Hat!  So I whipped up my first-ever batch of Gingerbread Cookies (which Rysa loves because they’re ginger and she didn’t have to make them).  [I’ll post more on those soon.]

I finally got to meet with my new coach at work recently and learned that, not only do I almost have a full month of perfect attendance (I don’t think I’ve had even 2 weeks without missing a day since May, literally), but every month of perfect attendance earns back one of the absences I’ve had!  So I may yet keep this job a while!  lol

Now I’m just waiting for my ordered Christmas presents to arrive while playing my lv.91 Paladin through Pandaria.  (I don’t care what the bear-haters say, I LOVE PANDARIA SO MUCH!)

Hope you guys have had a great few weeks and here’s hoping the rest of your December will be swell!




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