Why I shouldn’t have nice things…

Wednesday, the peak of my stressful week.  Spent my first long weekend with my family for Thanksgiving, but because of the ice, I didn’t get to spend any time at home.

Monday morning, I had a blood donation that took 3 hours (eek) and left me very cold. Went home for my jacket and my car started shaking something fierce, particularly when stopped (and I got stopped at every single red light all the way to work).

I work at a customer service call center for a company that has online accounts and an online store; the store was having a Cyber Monday sale that broke the internet and people were calling *us* for help we couldn’t give. There was only one computer open when I arrived and it didn’t have all the programs I needed to do my job.

Called for a tow after work, and then Rysa and I gorged ourselves sick on McD kids meals (Pokémon toys!) and drive-thru Chinese.

Tuesday, I go on a mad cleaning spree around the house and somehow managed to vacuum up about 6 yards of white yarn.


I summoned a taxi to take me to work when I realized I should have asked our kindly neighbor – who insisted on asking him for anything we need at any time ever since we moved in – for a free ride. Oh well.

Work was better, but still involved dozens of transfers to/from the store. Got another taxi to drive me to the mechanic where my Autobot is waiting with brand new ignition cables, only I can’t find the key they were supposed to leave inside. (I had a spare, thank goodness.)

Then I did laundry this morning which took up all of my time and work went long thanks to – you’ll never guess – Store calls. Stopped by the mall after my shift to get my Birthday Pretzel from Auntie Anne’s and I’ve been struggling to find photos on my new phone ever since. Now Rysa thinks we’re switching places – she feels ill for no identifiable reason while I’m finally starting to feel better.

So I bid you all adieu, I’m ready to put this week behind me!


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