Little City Ice Storm

I knew we had an ice storm coming toward us, but I really wasn’t expecting it to compact quite so much!  We don’t get much “winter” here in the desert.  Got up to Black Friday shop and found a sheet of ice across most of my Autobot!

Nov Ice Storm 1

The front door was frozen so solid, the handle would have broken off before I could tug it open.  I had to crawl in the passenger seat to start the defrost/heat blowing and it still took over half an hour just to get a hole too small to fit my head through on the back windshield to see.

On the back windshield, where it was the heaviest, I had water bubbling under the ice as the defrost thawed it.

Nov Ice Storm 3

Still, I got out, got us groceries and the kitties a kennel to come inside with, some Black Friday-sale gifts (take that, shoppers!  Everything I wanted was still in stock!), and then made it home in time to watch Netflix while I knit.

Nov Ice Storm 2

Still, tapping the back of my Autobot with an ice scraper and seeing it crack is a little unnerving…..

Hope you’re all staying warm – or, if it’s hot where you are, staying cool!


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