Why My Kitchen Is Dirty This Week

I’ve been in a baking mood recently and, of course, I’ve been watching Nerdy Nummies as they come out because I love the stuffing off that girl’s ideas.  So I made up some Pumpkin Pasties (mini pumpkin pies, for those like me who didn’t know) and Meringue cookies that I could not whip to stiff peaks for the life of me.

There was also Rysa’s birthday party (pretzels, pizza, drinking, movies) and shopping just to get her away from her schooling exams (big test that could determine if she passes/fails ON her birthday).  We have a new anime-merch shop and I bought an owl at the figurines shop.

Owlery addition 4

There was also the fun of introducing Candy to Cookie Clicker (I’m a bit obsessive, don’t judge me) and learning that Pottermore has taken down the housing test… so we couldn’t house Candy.  :/

I’ve also been enjoying my early birthday present of a new phone!  Mine stopped working, so I finally switched to an Android phone (from a Windows phone) and I’m having so much fun with the apps!  Started playing a game called Puzzles & Dragons that I am having a blast with and I put a live dragon wallpaper on my phone.  (Think I’m going through a phase…?)

Thanks for reading (if you still are) and have a great week!


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