Family Trip – day 13 (end)

Happy Halloween!  We got back to Little City early-afternoon on Thursday and it was surprising just how dull our local land looked compared to the Kentucky Autumn.  I was going to head home, but I laid down while I was doing laundry and woke up five hours later, after dark.  I got up early Friday morning to leave and then my car – which had been sitting for 12 days in my parents’ carport – wouldn’t start.  It was a 3-hour delay, but I finally got home.  There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed.  Ahhh….

So Rysa and I went out, bought Jurassic World (I bought the pizza, so I got the collector’s box… kehehee), and we’ve been watching Jurassic Parks all day and trading all the Pokemon I bred on the road and couldn’t trade because of lack of wifi.  I have less than 48 hours to recuperate before heading back to work Monday night (if I haven’t been fired without my knowing it).  Have a great Halloween and enjoy the socially-accepted act of gorging oneself on candy!


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