Family Trip – day 6

It’s been a hectic few days since landing in KY.  Both Grandparents were at the hospital in a big city with waaaay too much traffic, it took about 20-40 minutes to get through the parking garage, onto the streets, and to the hotel (one way, not round trip), and don’t even get me started on the insanity of lunch in the cafeteria (though they had great food).

Now they’re both out of critical danger and have been moved 80-100 miles to a physical therapy rehab, together, and Grandpa is even expected to go home soon (less than 2 weeks); Grandma has to wait for her hip to heal, but she’s doing so well, it’s just a matter of time before she’s back to normal.

Owlery Addition 3

And because I know people *totally* care about this, I managed to find another owl shaker from Cracker Barrel!  Including the one back home, we have now been to 5 Cracker Barrels and the one here is the only one that I’ve even seen the Holly Owl.  (They have a squirrel, brown bird, deer, and owl each with a sprig of holly/berries.)  I’m going to need a new shelf for my Owlery….


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