Inheritance Cycle, book 3 – Brisingr


Inheritance Cycle book 3 – Brisingr
by Christopher Paolini

The adventures of Eragon and his ever-growing family continues, roughly four days after the events of Eldest.

First, Katrina must be rescued from the Ra’zak.  The Varden is filled with insubordination as the races fight to gain more power within it, racial disputes lash out, and Hrothgar’s successor has still not been chosen; that’s not including, you know, their actual enemies attacking.  Still, Eragon’s training is not complete and, without a proper weapon, it seems he will never be able to best his brother.  Cursed soldiers, upheld promises, an ever-growing family, spirits, shades, death, secrets, and a pissed-off magic tree; the third installment of the Inheritance Cycle is another book that was very hard to put down.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Jayne says:

    This whole series is fantastic! Glad you’ve been enjoying it!


    1. kriscious says:

      I am enjoying it sooooo much! :D


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