Weekend Crafts

My life has had a lot of Dementors recently. I’m taking a little time off work, so I decided to be productive with my crafts.

Firstly, my Targaryen crest stemless wine glass got a fateful crack, so it had to be replaced.  I bought some new vinyl sheets as my last ones finally ran out, but they don’t stay stuck to their original backing as well and my trusty X-Acto really needs a new blade.  It didn’t come out as detailed as the first.

Secondly, I’ve had a fourth tea glass waiting to be etched for some time now.  Friday, I cut out a beautiful pattern of Saphira from Eragon (the book cover) and etched it before heading to work.  An hour later, there was a lethal accident involving a gymnastic tea glass and Rysa’s bare foot.

Evenstar jar

Hobby Lobby had a sale on its glassware, so I got some clamp-lid jars and etched a little Evenstar.  I was going to put spare beads or something in them, but it turns out that they’re foodsafe and hold just around 1/2 cup.  So I made some single-serving instant rice packs!  Cook it just like condensed soup: pour in the jar, add a jar-full of water, and heat.  (We like instant rice here.)

I have since gone back to make it a set of four jars.  They haven’t been etched, but they’ll be Elvish (Evenstar), Dwarfish (either Thorin’s Key or the stone carving in Erebor), Human (Tree of Gondor), and some kind of Orc/Uruk Hai/Mordor (possibly the Great Eye).

Then Rysa came home with some new tea glasses and I redid my Saphira pattern.  Prepared for the troubles, it came out much better!  I still have one more glass, so I’m planning on making the cover dragon from Eldest (I’m still reading it, so I’m not sure what the dragon’s name is…)

Eldest, active reading

Speaking of reading, I’m doing it very actively.  I tend to take a while between reading spells, so at the end of every chapter, I write on a piece of Post-It note what happened in that chapter, so I can review what happened before I move on.

This morning, it was nice and quiet so I put in The Hobbit and started some paper flowers.  I’ve been misplacing my art supplies left and right, so I had to scramble for what I could find.  :P  Found some little silver brads at Hobby Lobby for the flower centers and used the same markers I did for my previous flowers, though I couldn’t find my colored papers this time and used some neon papers Rysa got for a project and never used.


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