Life Updates

I can’t believe so much time has passed.  Six months at this job and four months being so ill.  The pool closes around the beginning of October, but I’ve only gone swimming three times because of my stomach.  Lily got her butchering– I mean, was cut back– so she can heal before winter and most of the garden has begun to wither in the hot weather/autumn.

After five and a half months, I finally heard a recording of one of my calls at work.  That’s when I realized that I have one of the cutest darn voices on the phone!  I get called a recording at least four times a week, minimum.  I always thought I sounded nasally and with a low voice, which is what I hear in my own ears when I speak because of allergies, but I’m actually quite adorable.  Ha

Also, I got called aside earlier this week to be told I had the best stats on my coach’s team, so I won two tickets to the State Fair!  Rysa and I used to live in an area where the county fair was hosted and I used to do 4-H, but neither of us have been to a fair in quite a while.  We’re planning to go tomorrow, before it’s over, at least to eat funnel cakes and see the baby goats.  :)  Pictures to come, I hope!  (You know, something besides shiny Pokemon for a change.)

Hope you guys have had a great week!


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