Life Updates

I guess I sort of fell off the map this week; sorry, guys!  I had some medical stuff goin’ on and work kicked back in.  I haven’t done a whole lot of art, though I brought home my keyboard piano and have been practicing some simple things on that recently.

Friday night, Kandy (Rysa’s sorority sister) was at the apartment to stay the night.  We all sat in the living room, ate delicious pizza, and chattered until midnight; she left before dawn to catch a plane out.  Sunday, Kandy returned while heading home and we stuffed ourselves for lunch at Olive Garden.  She left to drive home immediately after and, before dinner, Rysa’s parents arrived to spend the night.  They took us out to Claim Jumper (delicious cheese sticks!) and we gorged ourselves yet again.  Then we all drifted into medically-unalarming sugar comas.  Monday morning, Rysa’s parents left a little before lunch and my mama showed up just after lunch!  She stayed the night, took me to my medical procedure, and then took me shopping.  So it was a loooong weekend filled with company!

I did, however, pick up a few things.  Mom bought me some ceramic owls to add to the Owlery School of Saltcraft and Peppery

Owlery 03

…as well as get me yarn for a bedspread-matching afghan for the parental units.

And Hobby Lobby is getting ready for the season.  “It’s just not summer until Hobby Lobby has spring, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor out at once!”

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


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