Life Updates

I’ve finished my second week of work.  Last night was pretty trying, though.  I work at a call center and, right before my break/lunch, when I could feel my blood sugar begin to drop, I got a call about someone who essentially said the company I represent “misplaced” something he forgot at a store (valued at just over $80) and he was demanding payment which I was not authorized to offer.

I’ve been told by a lot of people at work that I have a great customer service voice and I’m pretty good at handling calls… but when calls come up like this, I panic because I know that somewhere, somehow, I’m going to make some mistake and this call will be reviewed by a whole bunch of people above me and I’ll get scolded and, if severe enough, let go.  (It’s anxiety talking, but I still freak out.)

That took well into my break time and left me feeling pretty shaken up, though I had passed the call onto a supervisor to deal with.  I finally took my break and, as a daily first stop, I take my pretty blue Brita bottle, fill it up at the water fountain, and then use the bathroom and leave the bottle by the sink.  The upstairs bathroom was being cleaned, so I had to go downstairs, which is a larger bathroom and has a lot more movement.  Got out… and my bottle was gone.

Yes, this seems like a ridiculous thing to fret about, but this bottle has been with me since my first job after moving to Big City.  I got it specifically for the sake of work, where I can fill up with tap water (and then filter it so it doesn’t make me sick) and not get dehydrated at work.  And someone had stolen it from me.

The rest of my break, instead of relaxing or eating like I should have, was spent wandering the downstairs looking for my stolen water bottle.  (I felt it was karma that I had just informed a caller that I couldn’t do anything about their stolen property only to have my property stolen.)  I finally bought a water bottle from a machine in my last seconds and returned to work.

My coach called me up to speak with me about the case I had forwarded.  Every time I get one of those messages of Come see me when you’re done in the chat box, I get another dose of nausea because I know that means I did something wrong.  I finished my call and went up to see what I’d done.

Essentially, she told me not to put something I’d put in the documentation, because that was an internal thing and not something the client needed to see.  That was it.  She said she listened to the call, it sounded good, I did what I was supposed to, and I just needed to not put what I’d put into the notes.  I returned to my seat feeling pretty good.

It was another 3 hours before my shift ended peacefully.  I decided to give it one last try before heading out to buy a new Brita bottle (not the cheapest…) and went to the Lost & Found.  The night guard on duty heard “blue water bottle” and pulled up my Brita before I could finish my question!  She said someone had found it in the bathroom, wasn’t sure who it belonged to, but was worried someone would walk off with it because it was so nice, so she took it to the Lost & Found.  So she walked off with it to keep it from being walked off with, but I can handle that.

So, at the end of the day, I felt pretty good about myself and humanity as a whole.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!



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