Thunderstorm Warning… me of Rysa?

2015-07-07 rainstorm 2

It was beautiful and sunny (and kinda too hot) all day today.  I was running around the apartment in shorts and a tank top with the A/C cranked up while cooking lunch.

Then Rysa gets home after a long afternoon dealing with people and suddenly…

2015-07-07 rainstorm 1

“Bang!  Crash!  The lightning flashed!  And– well, that’s another story, never mind.”

The rain only lasted about 10 minutes.  I love it when the sun comes out while it’s raining – it looks like diamonds falling from the sky!


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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Yes, it is called “convection”. The Sun warms the ground, the ground warms the atmosphere which uplifts the air, to a height it will cool and condense.

    Textbook “air mass” thunderstorm.


    1. kriscious says:

      When there’s rain around here, that’s usually what it is. It’s too hot around here to not. ;)


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