Babysitting Crafts

Rysa got the call that she needed to watch Zoe a few hours just as I was calling in sick to work.  Rysa took Zoe swimming, but in the few moments Rysa was brushing out her hair, Zoe came into my room and decreed, “We’re going to make swords!  Look, I found these sword-making things,” (my craft pipe cleaners).

So we sat on my bed and started making swords.  Zoe hadn’t grasped the idea of how to bend the pipe cleaners, so I started on a sword and she said, “Can I have that one?”  I let her have it and started another one.  Shortly after, she was jealously eyeing my new sword and said, “We should make each others’ sword.  So you make mine and I’ll make yours.  Okay?  Okay.  I’ll just make you a sword.  It’ll be awesome, don’t worry.”

In the end, we both did a good portion of each others’ sword and Zoe essentially just claimed the one she liked most.  It used up all of my pipe cleaners, but I haven’t used them since Halloween, so now I have space in my oh-so-filled crafts supply box.


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