Garden Sprouts

Today, we focus on the Sunflower.

Fun fact I realized this morning.  While Elder towers over his little brother, Junior, and is the most successful, thriving plant in my garden, Junior is actually the height that the sunflowers are supposed to be.  I bought seeds that claimed 12-18″ high.  So Elder is both prosperous and odd, like an X-Men.  (Because of the height difference, I hadn’t looked for budding in Junior… but he hasn’t grown upwards in a while and seems to be mimicking his older brother’s activity, so he may be about to flower, too!)  Also, Elder has some yellow petals starting to show around his black seeds.  I anxiously await the harvest!

Now I can’t decide if I want to plant Elder’s seeds and hope for taller flowers or wait for Junior to seed and try to keep them within that original size limit.  It’s an ethical pickle.  Do I support the “normal one”, Junior, or reach out to the strange one, Elder, to help him thrive in an environment of “normal”…?  Then again, making seeds meant to grow smaller was actually the original genetic alteration here, so Junior is, in fact, the odd one and that would mean supporting Elder is supporting “normal.”

Or I’ll just eat the seeds.  You know, whatever.  :)


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