Garden Sprouts

Choc Mint 5-31

Some new additions to the garden!  First, I bought a Chocolate Mint plant.  It came in a bio-degradable pot that you were supposed to stick right in the “ground,” so no re-potting necessary!  I come by and sniff it all the time – the chocolate is an emotional pick-me-up and the mint is very soothing to my still-upset stomach.

Secondly, I planted some peas, the kind that’s flat and meant for stir-fry.  They haven’t sprouted yet, so no pics.  I’m looking forward to making my own food!  I just wish I had more garden space for carrots and the like.  Looks like I gotta pop out money for large pots.

Morning Glory Patch 5-31

My last Garden Sprouts post got me a warning comment about Morning Glories overtaking the world.  I looked at my little patch and thought, “These things?  They haven’t grown for weeks!  How would they threaten the rest of my garden?”  Well, in the two days since that comment, the only one that’s growing grew a “whip” about 5 inches long.  Now I’m feeling the threat.

I put the Celosia in the ground earlier this week, but I don’t like the “arrangement.”  Once I’m sure I haven’t killed them with the replant, I’ll probably dig them up and put them in a nicer pot somewhere else.  I’m pretty sure the parsley needs a new container soon.  Honestly, I need to check.  These may be full grown and ready to use!

The sunflowers have a small ant problem.  Poor Jr is bearing the brunt of it, his lower leaves all eaten away.  I have declared war on the ants, but I am not yet equipped to handle their invasion.  Soon……..

Sun E 5-21

And lastly, SUNFLOWER-E!  What happened to C and D, you ask?  They died.  Horrendously.  Like, the pot fell over.  E is the first of 3 seeds I planted recently.  I want to find out how well/tall/etc Elder (A) does before taking E, F, and G to my parents’ house to plant in Mom’s front garden.


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