Garden Sprouts

Morning Glory Patch 5-29

I haven’t taken a picture of the Morning Glories recently, but they’re getting on up there.  (The one in the top right corner that towers over all the others in both height, width, and vines was one I had potted indoors; it’s 3 weeks younger than the others you see here.)  (Curse you, hail…)

Then we have the cabbage that’s growing pretty well.  I still have seven, but the three in the long planter had to be re-potted a second time because I’m a derp and first potted them in, like, 3″ of soil.  Yup.  I’m looking forward to getting to cook with these babies!

Sun 5-29

Elder and Junior are both doing well.  (This is only the morning sun – Junior usually gets the brunt of it after 10am or so.)  Planted the same day, given the same care, but this is how they turned out.  It’s okay, Junior, I still love you!

Ned Stark: “Brace yourselves, [roses] are coming.”

And finally, Lily is budding again!  These are just the buds I found this morning and they blended in too well, but I’m sure I won’t forget to post when she springs back to life.


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  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Just keep ’em in check. They’re quite a nuisance in the rest of the garden, choking off vegetables, berries, and other flowers.


    1. kriscious says:

      Rysa always tells me Morning Glories eerily grow toward her bedroom window and overtake it. I’m counting on her superstition! ;) But seriously, I’m just waiting for them to grow AT ALL.

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