Resident Evil – The Umbrella Conspiracy

If you’ve played the first Resident Evil video game, this story line is not going to surprise you.  I wouldn’t call it a walk-through, but it follows the game very closely and gives a lot of background information that helped the whole story settle better in my mind.  It was 185 pages that took me 3-4 hours to get through, which I did in one sitting.  I wanted a book to occupy my afternoon and this did it for me quite successfully!  There are 7 books in the series, I believe (at least one an original, new story), and I’ve definitely added them to my list of future reads.  The author gives enough description so that you can picture the setting from the video game without having so much detail that it slows the story down.  If you like to know the background stories, even if they were post-production, I think you’ll like this one.


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