Nerd Hacks – EOS Balm Emptiment

As promised in my Nerd Hacks post, I took photographic documentation of the first EOS balm I finished to turn into a container!

First, I removed the lid and blew my hair dryer on high at the balm to loosen it up a bit.  I honestly had no idea how far down it went into the ball, how easy it would be to remove, etc.  Instead, I went to wipe out the balm and found this:

Nerd Hack 3b

There’s actually what I would call a fair amount of balm left.  If you like to use things dead like I do, maybe considering making your first empty EOS a container for all the unusable balm in future balls.  You have to get your fingers dirty to use it, but waste not!

Anyway, I then had to get rid of that “snowflake” in the middle.  If you have jewelry-sized wire cutters or, perhaps, a model kit set, I would say use those.  I do not, so I used nail clippers.  (They left some obnoxious little nubs, but I used a small nail file to help get those from snagging on anything.

Nerd Hack 3c

After that, use a paper towel or a wipe and clean out the insides of your EOS and you’re good to go!

Nerd Hack 3d

Please note that any designs done on the EOS can be easily rubbed off.  I had to fix mine after working with it and then I used an acrylic sealer to keep the pattern on.

I hope you enjoyed!


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