Life Updates – Memorial Day Weekend


Apart from the fact that everyone at the Memorial Day weekend gathering at my grandparents’ spent the whole time going, “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!” or just glaring at me (*cough* seestor *cough), I had a very nice time visiting my family.  On top of that, I haven’t been down to Little City recently to… COLLECT GIFTS!

Seestor went to her first ComicCon recently (lucky) and brought me some gifties back!

(In case you haven’t noticed… Sailor Jupiter is my favorite…)

Sunday morning, I headed out with Dad (Mom was sick…) to meet the Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins at church.  I like to go with my Aunt to the back room where those with special needs gather (my Aunt helps out with the more rambunctious children) and we had a full morning.  Because these kids are just so hyper, we always get a story with a cooperating coloring page and all the kids were trying to copy my coloring or flipped the page over, wrote a ridiculous math problem on it, and asked me to solve it.

Then we had lunch and Seestor and her boyfriend came up to join us (they had to wait for him to get off work).  While the family kids aren’t kids anymore, we had a “kids’ table” in the living room where we all watched Avatar and pretty much had a panel of Mystery Science Theater.  I hadn’t seen it yet and we popped in for probably the last third of the movie, but I think I get the plot.  It’s a Human/Draenai interracial love story where everyone flies around on the extras from How to Train Your Dragon 2 and a tree.  There’s a tree in it.  Yup.

So now it’s nearing noon, I’m waiting on something to be ready before I make the 4-hour drive home to Big City, and I’m procrastinating my stuff-packing.  I hope you all (Americans, at least) enjoyed your Memorial Day and got to love on your family as much as I did!



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