Elite Trainer Box Review – Roaring Skies

**General disclaimer: This is an unpaid, personal fan review of the American Pokemon XY: Roaring Skies Elite Trainer Box set.  All prices are in USD, calculated before tax, and based on my personal experiences buying these cards from my local Wal-Mart and Target stores.  This review is not intended to diagnose any medical condition nor will I be held accountable for any insanity you incur from reading it.


As some of you know, I love Pokemon cards.  I’ve been collecting them since they first came out back in the 90’s.  I also love boxes.  I buy boxes before I know what I’m going to put in the boxes.  Elite Trainer Boxes are very tempting for me, when I can afford them (which is, like, never ’cause I’m poor).

What is an Elite Trainer Box?
An Elite Trainer Box is an officially-released set of Pokemon cards.  It is based on a particular release set (in this case, XY: Roaring Skies) and contains only Pokemon cards from this release as well as additional goodies intended to help a young trainer store, protect, and use their cards in a manner themed to this release.

In the package, you will find a themed card storage box (please note: the box itself is held open higher than normal to protect the paper guidebook; the box lid fits flush with the bottom of the box), a guidebook/colored set card list, 4 themed dividers, 65 themed card sleeves, 45 energy cards, 2 plastic counters, cardboard damage counters, and 8 themed booster packs.  (Every booster pack also contains an online code as well as the set as a whole contains one, giving you 9 booster pack online codes.)

What is the advantage in getting an Elite Trainer Box over individual booster packs?
It really depends on your way of Pokemon as to whether or not this box is a good fit for you.  If you keep all of your cards in binders, use binder pages that don’t fit with card sleeves very well, or collect/don’t play, then the additional price of the box, dividers, plastic counters, sleeves, and 45 energy cards may not be worth it to you.

About how much is the price difference between the Box and individual booster packs?**
Where I come from, this box is a $40 set while 8 individual booster packs would be $33.50.  The extra $6.50 covers the rest of the materials.  If you’re only after the general cards and not the extras, it would be more cost-effective to buy booster packs separately.  (Considering 100 UltraPro flat-color sleeves, which aren’t as thick and sturdy, go for $6, I find $6.50 for all the extras a bargain.)

Obviously, these box sets aren’t for everyone.  I don’t know a lot of card fans around here who can just drop $40 on printed cardboard, especially in one go, and they really are not a necessity for players or collectors (unless you’re a collector who loves boxes).  They do make a great gift, though, especially for beginners to buff up their cards.

I hoped this has helped you in your Pokemon journey!  If there’s something I didn’t cover that you would like to ask, please leave me a comment and I would be happy to respond and/or look it up!


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