Garden Sprouts, Life Updates, and More!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been taking some time off of work to rest and relax.  Every day since then, there has been some kind of storm messing with the atmosphere – wind, hail, rain, (no snow yet, dangit) – and the atmosphere messes with my head and gives me migraines.  I do enjoy the gentle rainstorms, though.

I’ve also been taking this time to dress up the house a bit.  Because I’m having a depressive episode, I decided to clean the apartment – I mean, spotless – and then I live in it some more and mess it back up.  Rysa and I bought some posters a while ago that needed to be added to our great wall and I ordered some of my pictures through Shutterfly and got a few frames and shelves to spruce up the wall.  (“The Wall” runs from the far end of the dining room to the far end of the living room, giving us the most space to decorate.)

I also did a few little measurements of my Herbles.  Elder is now 10.5″ tall, Junior is 6.5″, and my largest cabbage is 3.5″ across!  I also picked up some “plant food” and, with the rain, they’re having a banquet all the time.


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