Garden Sprouts

I got so busy organizing the pictures from my memory card that I forgot to actually post my herbles!  (That’s what I call my plant babies.)  Relatively small set today.  Everything is recovering well after the last hail, but we’ve had so much wind that going outside is awful!  (I’m trying to ENJOY my time off of work, mother nature, stop giving me wind migraines!!)

Except for that one bud, it’s been about 3 weeks since Lily last bloomed (and she held onto that bud for a long while before she let it bloom).  She’s growing again now and I hope that when I get back from my parents’ house this time next week, she may have a bud in the oven!  Or, you know, they might all die with no one to care for them for 3-4 days……..  Hrm.


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