Life Updates

I know I haven’t been updating like I want to recently, but Rysa caught a stomach bug, I caught the stomach bug, and pretty much my entire life has snowballed out of control since then.  (Ok, I’m probably exaggerating, but it did get pretty bad.)  I went to work today really feeling like this was the point of no return: if I couldn’t get time off without getting repercussions for my attendance, I was going to have to quit/be fired because I just could not heal.

Unicorn 1

But after the super-stressful event of getting to work, finding that almost 20 of the computers weren’t working and there was NO WHERE to sit, I got to talk with the floor manager.  I had been planning a defense case since last night, but after my opening statement, she was all, “You need time off?  OK, I put you down for that.  How do you spell your name again?”

Honestly, I was surprised she was that cool about it.  The coaches (which, granted, only have so much power to do so much) are always a lot more, “PLEASE STAY!  We’ll put you on emails, but we need everyone here and you have too many absences!”  So now I have 11 days, including today, to rest and see doctors and heal (and see the grandparents I haven’t seen since Christmastime).

Unicorn 3


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