Phoenix – day 1

Well, Rysa is heading back to Little City for a month for her first rotation at a pharmacy, so I’m going to be in Big City all alone.  She said, “I want to go to Hobby Lobby, buy you stuff, and see what you come up with by the time I get back,” so this is what we started with:

Owl Phoenix - day 1
(The tail was still wet, that’s why it’s so off-colored.)

Rysa loves phoenixes, but her phoenix poster from her last house never made it to Big City, so I’m painting her a new one.  Why an owl, you ask?  Because reasons.  Owls were one of the symbols of her sorority at university, owls are a general symbol of wisdom, I’ve been reading the Owls of Ga’Hoole, and we both love Harry Potter.  Besides, they’re cute.

So I have the general idea down.  It’s a 16×24″ canvas and I’m using acrylic paint.  The background is going to be a night sky (so the coloring of the wings may have to change a bit) and the flames will be bright blue, purple, and orange.

Wish me luck!


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