Garden Sprouts

Sorry I haven’t updated for almost a week – work scheduled mandatory overtime, I’ve been sick with stress, and the plants have only just recovered from the hailstorm.  It’ll pick up soon.  (I did, however, get through the entire first season of X-Files and I’m two episodes from the end of The Walking Dead, season 4.)  (Thank you, Netflix!)  (Now pick up the pace and get season 5!)

Lily 5-10

Lily pretty much hasn’t done anything since my last post of her and the hailstorm knicked her pretty bad, but the bud she’s been holding onto for weeks now finally started opening!

The parsley and cabbage, both of which had been replanted after the hailstorm, have finally picked up!  The cabbages have started growing a third leaf, Elder is on his 5th pair of leaves, and the little parsley – which really haven’t changed in at least two weeks – have finally sprouted a parsley-looking leaf!

Again, work is running me dry, but I’ll try to keep up the artwork!


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