Life Updates


Today has been a roller coaster.  I woke up, wiped the water spots off the Autobot, watered the plants, and then ran some errands before work.  It’s a nice day out.  A little humid, but nice.


Right before I left for work, Rysa returns home from her first day of finals this semester and says she has a stomachache.  We both get text anxiety, so we figure she’s stressed.  I give her Sprite and she goes to bed.

I get to work and function for two hours.  On my first break, I find texts from Rysa saying she needs a ride to Urgent Care.  Essentially, she imploded.  I leave work early (which, sadly, ruined my chances for getting benefits of perfect attendance three weeks in a row AND cost me an attendance), take Rysa to the doctor, and we watch Deal or No Deal for 90 minutes with Rysa’s head hovering over the waiting room trash can.

Rysa is sedated and I take her home.  Roughly the time I would be clocking back in from lunch, I get back to work for the second half of my shift.  Surprise!  We now have mandatory overtime every week for the rest of May!  At least I didn’t have to fight for a parking space since the morning shift had gone home.

A couple hours into my shift, it starts raining again.  No one really notices until the sky goes dark and we get hail slamming against the windows so hard, I can barely hear the customers on the phone.  I remembered I didn’t close the living room windows when I left.

I get home and find hail packed against the fence.  Rysa had closed the windows (except for the one in my bedroom) and I went to check on my plants.

It wasn’t good.


All along the walkways, pine needles and leaves of all sorts had been knocked to the ground.  I find my herb planters holding an inch of ice-cold water (most of the parsley didn’t make it) and poor Elder took a hefty wound to one of his leaves.  I drained and salvaged what I could.  This is all that remains…

Garden 5-4a

I know it’s only because we’ve been watching The Walking Dead (season 4) recently, but I felt like we had just suffered an outbreak in the prison.  There were bits and pieces of leaves and flowers in the different pots where they didn’t belong, so many morning glories/moonflowers were knocked over, even Elder had been shoved down on his side into the dirt.  I think the only thing that escaped unscathed was the Cat Grass.  (It must have 9 lives.)

So I have an ill roommate, a damaged garden, a new mark against me on my attendance, and I lost about 2 hours worth on my upcoming paycheck.  Still, the day is not lost.  I have frozen lasagna!

I hope you all have had a better day than mine!



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