Nerd Hacks

I am a Nerd and I love stuff, but I have a bit of a small space to live in and there are some things I just don’t want to toss out!  There are a lot of things that just can’t find a purpose for so they’re thrown away.  I do my best to improvise.

Here are some of my tips.  I hope you find them helpful or inspirational!

  • TCG Binder / deck box

Ever get those little “mini binders” with your Pokemon cards?  Ever find them incredibly frustrating at their actual purpose of holding trading cards because they’re so hard to flip through?  With my recent gardening spree, I needed somewhere to put my leftover seeds, so fold the seed packs in half and stick ’em in a page!  You can still look through them easily and it keeps them from spilling, too.  (You can also use the little cardboard deck boxes.)

  • TCG Tins

I bought the tin, but I put all of the cards into an organized binder and had an empty tin.  This was before we found the bulk containers of my favorite hot chocolate, so we stuffed our single-serve packs into the box!  (It’s our backup supply.)

You can also use them as kits.  I travel to my parents’ house as often as I can and I generally find myself missing the same things over and over again.  Pack a to-go kit and keep it in your suitcase so you don’t forget your nail clippers, tweezers, or extra allergy medicine!

Nerd Hack 2c

  • EOS Lip Balm

I really like these little things.  Not because of their formula or because you can chuck them nicely at invaders, but because they’re more useful containers than the little chap-sticks.  When they’ve been used up as deep as they can go, heat them up a little (leave them out in the sun, like when your favorite soda-flavored chapstick melted in the car) and pour out the excess.  Then you can put things inside of them!  Pain killers, a couple jelly-beans, spare earring backs, a pretty rock, whatever floats your boat!

I know, I know, how is this nerdy?  Sharpies.  That’s how!

Nerd Hack 3

(I haven’t actually melted mine yet so I can’t show you the insides, but I guarantee I have been using them 6x as often since Rysa suggested this to me!)  There are a number of things you can decorate them as.  A Haro (Gundam) is always easy since they’re mostly spherical.  Like the orange?  Get a red marker and turn them into Dragonballs.  Yellow?  Pikachu.  Want to just draw squiggles all over it?  It really depends on your likes!  Don’t forget you can use paint, too!  I recommend using a sealer afterward to keep the design from wearing off.

  • Old T-Shirts

Have that one old shirt you can’t bear to part with or your new, limited-edition just doesn’t fit?  I know it’s been suggested before, but make something out of it!  Keyboard sleeve, laptop sleeve, DS sleeve, over-the-shoulder bag, pillowcase, snake bag (for emergencies)!  A lot of these are really easy to do, since all you need to know is how to sew a straight line.

Nerd Hack 4

Know a great hack that’s not on the list?  Leave it in the comments, I’d love to try it out!


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