Life Updates

2015-04-24 hail

Firstly, a big thank you to Rysa for taking her car to the wash so that we could enjoy the light rain sprinkle of last night and the sudden hailstorm of about five minutes ago.

Secondly, I bought some canvas boards yesterday at Hobby Lobby and, while watching Resident Evil, felt the urge to paint.  Resident Evil was spent sketching, Resident Evil: Apocalypse was laying out the grays, and Resident Evil: Extinction was the red and green.  Now we have an oddly satisfying painting on our wall.  (You know, since Rysa is a pharmacy student.)


I haven’t painted since my junior year of college (almost 3 years ago now) except on Sculpey projects and the like, so this was a fun return for me.  I’m also working on two other paintings which may or may not be scrapped in the future.  I had forgotten the cost of canvases and/or the teachers had supplied them with our class fees, but I prefer painting on hard boards and those seem to be the cheapest to purchase, so I’m a happy artist!


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