Life Updates

Yesterday was a pretty long day.  I watered the plants and set them outside for their sun, but it was such a great day out, I washed and waxed my Autobot and vacuumed his poor insides.  (There were at least six people who passed by while I was in my summer outdoor clothes and I was beginning to wonder if I was flashing everyone with my summer shorts… until I remembered there’s a speed bump.)  Then Rysa took the vacuum inside to clean the house some more.  We opened the windows and had a great spring breeze cooling the house.

Then I went out to buy ingredients for some lunch munchies (which didn’t get made until dinnertime) – TMNT Pizza Gyoza!  I love watching Nerdy Nummies and Feast of Fiction on YouTube whenever they come out; while I think the Nerdy Nummies are adorable, Feast of Fiction tends to make actual foods instead of just decorating sweets like in Nerdy Nummies.  This was a super easy recipe, both to make and to follow.  Rysa and I can’t stand too much sausage, so we mixed in ground beef and it tasted great; if you have an allergy or general dislike, you can always mix and match the ingredients to suit your taste!

By the time we actually sat down to eat, it was nearing dusk, which means pizza and a scary movie!  We put on Housebound, which was funnier than I thought it would be.  (That #@&^ teddy bear freaked me out so much……..)  Give it a watch if you have the time!

We had a light rain sprinkling this morning, so I put the plants out to drink and am going to spend the day watching a Resident Evil movie marathon and hatching for shiny Pokemon.  Hope you all have a great upcoming weekend!


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