In Memory of…?

I was doing some outside things today – waxing the Autobot, taking care of the flower sprouts – and I decided to prep the patio garden earth for when Elder got bigger.  So I was digging and scooping out old dirt (and getting dirt blown in my face by the landscapers who were leaf-blowing the sidewalks) and finally filled up the spot with garden soil.  The last step was to put decorative stones around the site.  I picked up a stone and suddenly I realized… that wasn’t a stone.

Garden Bone

It’s freaky because I was LITERALLY thinking about digging up a space, making it look like a flowerbed, and putting one of those plastic dinosaur skeletons peeking up out of the dirt like an archaeology site.  Now I feel like I’ve disturbed a burial site!  I still want those plastic bones, though…….



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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Re: the photo

    I kept thinking that it was going to turn into a satellite.


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