Garden Sprouts

With the excuse that today is Earth Day, I’m going to post that I came home from work to my cabbage sprouting, too.


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  1. Anita Jayne says:

    I always think I want to try my hand at gardening, but then I remember that time my cactus died :/
    My great-uncle has since given me a wonderful book on gardening, and it makes me feel more up to it, but I can’t forger Cathy (that was my cactus’ name).


    1. kriscious says:

      Oh, poor Cathy!
      Just start out small. I bought a $1 herb planter, $1.50 sunflower seeds, and the smallest bag of potting soil I could. Just start one at a time, focus on that one little plant, and you’ll eventually find that Cathy wouldn’t want you to let your love of her go to waste, but to let another plant into your life. It’s what Cathy would want. :)


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