Neighbor Cat

A few weeks ago, our neighbor told us that his cat had learned to climb up on the storage bins in his patio area next to our boundary fence, which meant she might hope over into our patio sometime.  Rysa and I spotted her watching us today and decided to try and bond.


I cautiously walked to the fence and reached my hand out toward her.  She sniffed it and there was a great CRACK of static.  (Dry air, plastic bin, long-haired cat.)  She leapt away from me.  I tried again and she laid her ears back.  So I stepped away and Rysa tried.  She came calmly toward Rysa, sniffed her hand, and CRACK!  That time, she ran away into the house.

So now we have to explain to our neighbor that we electrocuted his kitty in the face twice.


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