Museum of Natural History (2)

I feel like I really rushed posting my museum stuff because of my new work schedule, so here’s the update.  The Museum was pretty cool; it covered geography, insects, the history of the state (which was once underwater – Team Aqua, bring it back!), technology, astrology, space exploration, birds of paradise, and it was all a giant walk-around.  We only realized halfway through that we were jumping around incorrectly.

There was an awesome lava tunnel/volcano where they had glowing “lava” under plexi-glass for you to walk across and glowing cracks in the wall.

They also went into a lot of the dinosaurs all the way back to the creation of the planet.  They had giant rooms like a botanical garden with skeletons posed (sabertooth tigers, direwolves, etc.) as well as dinosaur sculptures.

I hope you can see it, but in the cavern walkway under the dinosaur exhibit, there was a whole peeking up with a rodent scampering down and, just behind it, a dinosaur.  (Couldn’t use the flash or everything would be washed out, so it’s a little fuzzy.)

MNH Kris 03b

And you can’t forget the, “Here’s Rexy!” at the entrance.


There were some aquatic areas set up with lungfish and turtles and, best of all, mini coral reefs.  (I mean it, Team Aqua, bring the ocean back here.  Right now.)

I also found the skull of an early Nightfury.  This is why Toothless seems to be the last of his kind.


I didn’t get pictures of the bird exhibits, mostly because some of them were depressing (the full birds tacked on to womens’ hats, heads and all) and the others were videos.  They had a dancing game in the bird area!  Rys and I wanted to play, but we didn’t feel right about kicking the two girls who were playing off the stage…

Then we had the Mars Rover replica – with camera control…

MNH Kris 01b

And finally, there was a 15-minute video, Rise of the Machines, about the early computer race.  As a lover of technology, I found it both interesting and amusing, since they had the computers arguing with each other.

I hope you all enjoyed this update and that you had a happy Easter yesterday!



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