Life Updates

Today is our last day of training at work.  It’s hard to believe I’ve only known these people a month!  We’re taking a long lunch today to have graduation (where we get our official lanyards, ooooh) and a class potluck before we’re split up into existing teams on our individual schedules.  Goodbye, school, today I become a Genin and go off on a team to save the world answer calls on the floor.

Also, I pulled this little beauty last night.  I just can’t resist the $10 packs of Pokemon cards (3 random boosters and a random holographic card) when they appear……..  Now I’m out of the nice card display cases for my full arts and have to order more online.  (Good thing I just got paid!)

TCG Celebi EX

That’s what’s been going on.  Thanks to those who keep up with my madness and sorry I haven’t been posting comics on here recently.  Remember that I release Don’t Feed the Nerds episodes as often as I can on my Tapastic and I’ll be updating Rooming Nerds whenever I get the chance.  Most likely these will all be hand-drawn for a time, as I don’t have the time to add computer coloring.

I hope you all have a good Easter weekend and eat lots of egg-shaped goodies!



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