Life (Pokemon) Updates

Work has begun.  I’m still in training, but the class is out on the floor taking calls for eight hours.  More importantly, I’ve had some exciting things happen in the world of Pokemon!

Aqua Kyogre EX021

For starters, I decided to treat myself to some new cards and, lo and behold! A new expansion had been released!  XY Double Crisis.  It’s a small expansion, only 34 cards, and they only had a set of 4 7-card boosters with a pin (either Aqua or Magma), but I snagged this little beauty!  (Sapphire was my first Pokemon game and I love aquatic Pokemon – Kyogre is my precious.)

Secondly, I was Wonder Trading Pokemon this weekend in X and got one of these for a lv.1 Fletchling!

Arceus shiny

There was a promotion only in Japan for a shiny Arceus a while back.  I know the chances of this being a legitimate shiny Japanese Arceus are slim, but it goes in my Pokedex all the same!


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