Doodle + Late-Night Rant

doodle 7

Today has been pretty up and down.  You can usually tell when I’m stressed because I draw myself hugging things.

I’ve been sick since last Monday and, after sleeping on and off for 15 hours last night, I got up to a comment from an online troll.  I know, I know, sticks and stones… but as a writer, words have a powerful effect.  When someone takes an everyday word and turns it into something crude, known only in their obscure vicinity, and then publicly calls me racist for using that everyday word in its everyday context, I want to cut out their tongue for defiling human language.  I’ve suffered this feeling since sixth grade after Sex Ed when suddenly you couldn’t ask your friend to borrow their pencil without snickers.

There were some ups to my day, too.  I began drawing a new version of Don’t Feed the Nerds (and as soon as I can make the graphite drawings look good through the scanner, I’ll post them) and my job trainer came over during a group project just to comment on my handwriting and how easy it was to read.  I love being told my handwriting is good – I’ve worked hard on it through the years!

Now it’s 1am and I’m tired and there are Pokemon to hatch.  I’ll bid you all adieu and I hope you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in a healthy, responsible manner!  DON’T FORGET TO WEAR GREEN OR YOU’LL GET PINCHED.



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