Life Updates, March 2015

As you may know, I began the training for my first full-time job this last Monday.  What you do not know is that I have not been sick the last three months UNTIL the very morning I started work.  Now Roommate has me paranoid that I have early strep and that I’ll infect everyone else in my training and we’re all going to die and lose our jobs if we stay home.

The actual job training has been going very well.  Compared to the physical strains of working at the crafts store, this office job is a luxury.  If I weren’t the sick one sniffling in the back corner with a full box of tissues and handsanitizer, I would have really loved these last few days.  Our trainer is a geeky gamer who hired most everyone in the room (~25 of us) and we all have a lot in common.  Everyone is already making friends.

Staying out until 11:30pm is a lot easier for me (physically and mentally) than waking up for a 3am shift, especially since it’s at a computer desk instead of running around with heavy boxes.  Thanks to my college tutoring job, I feel I will be very cut out for this environment and this will be a very good thing for me.

And as we usually have some downtime while computer issues are fixed in class, I offer unto you… my doodles.  Bet you can’t guess who I’ve missed these last few days!


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