WoW Herbalism Project – part 1

Firebloom paper flower 1

This is just a first go at a project I hope to expand on – herbs from World of Warcraft.  First up is firebloom.

Firebloom 1

In WoW, my oldest and strongest character is a long-term herbalist.  I’m very attached to the herbs and have collected them from ~lv.9 to lv.90.

I used colored cardstock, Crayola markers, Mod Podge, and green pipe cleaners to fashion some firebloom.  Something stronger (and not so fuzzy) will need to replace the pipe cleaners as stems, leaves need to be made, and I’ll either get “fake dirt” or make some kind of dirt replacement to go at the bottom of the bottle.  (Roommate was leaving her empty Snapple bottles around, so now they’re flowerpots.  I hope to etch them or find some way of writing each plant’s name on the bottle in a professional-looking way.)


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