To the Movies with the Mama!

Movie Tickets 2

My mama came up for a few days for a business trip, so she and I went by the mall last night – where we unexpectedly found Seestor at the food court (in Big City for a concert) and a bitter little Asian woman who cut me in line, angrily devoured a toothpick, and was never satisfied with the amount of peppers in her food – and then we went to the movies!

Part of me really feels that Tauriel deserved her pain at the end of the movie simply because she was forced in as a character (as it is my understanding) by feminists who wanted a strong female character.  Yes, LotR had Arwen (the sighing lovebird) and Eowyn (the warrior wanna-be who killed the one no man could kill), but they reduced Tauriel from the fierce captain of the guard to a sniveling girl.  “Oh, my, you think my love for the dwarf isn’t real?  I should rethink my whoooole life with your sword at my throat.”  Also, while I think the Tauriel story adds an extra punch to Legolas’s initial hatred of dwarves in LotR, he deserves the frustration of losing Tauriel to a dwarf for the same reason Tauriel deserves her pain.  Basically what I’m saying is… WHY WOULD YOU HAVE TAURIEL MAKE ME CRY WHEN SHE DOESN’T EVEN EXIST?!


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