Tea Party

Tea Party 1

We had Niece last night (going 100mph) and she wanted us to have a tea party.  We went to the store, bought tea and drinks and snacks, and I made us little bologna sandwiches.  (Use a round cookie cutter on the bread, meat, and cheese and then stack ’em.)  Niece got to serve us tea (and Mountain Dew and juice) in little tea cups and we brought out my Pokemon plushies and shared our “recipes” for the dinner in the most ladylike voices we could muster.  Roommate’s tea was a gift from the Starship Enterprise, I had a foreign chef imported just to make us sandwiches, and Niece’s doll brought us her tea from the land of sparkling happiness.

I’m surprised our neighbors upstairs haven’t filed complaints against our loud laughter.


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