Roommate: “I hope it’s a snow day.  I don’t feel like going anywhere.”
Me: “The roads are covered.  I’m sure your classes will be cancelled.”
Roommate: “Oh, sweet!  School is cancelled!  Hey, let’s go out and see The Hobbit 3.”
Me: “Okay!  Then we need to go to the mall, there’s a sale.”
Roommate: “Into the Woods is playing, too.  We’ll just see them both!”
Me: “Yah!”

Movie Tickets

I woke to snow this morning and Roommate’s classes were cancelled.  Once she was up and about, we went to the cheap theater (it shows movies between theater showings and DVD release for $1.75 – $2.15 a ticket) and saw The Hobbit 3.  (I hadn’t seen it yet.)  Afterwards, Roommate and I were waiting through the ending credits discussing the noticed differences from the book when a woman a few seats down asked us if we had noticed another difference she found.  We then spent the whole of the credits unleashing our Tolkien knowledge upon her – and she didn’t run away screaming!  It was great.

We had an hour to kill before Into the Woods, so we went to the mall to buy a new wall fragrance (that won’t punch me in the face in the morning) and the cashier was marveling over my NES controller earrings.  Like, she wanted to buy them out from my ears.  I felt too awkward to make a sale, but just the way she fawned on them made me happy.

Leaving the mall, snow has begun to fall at a steadier pace, the sky gray.  We made it to the theater, went in to see Into the Woods (I used the 1990’s broadway version they used to have on Netflix as “background noise” while doing crafts because it was about 3hrs long and mostly music I could sing do), and it was dark gray and snowy out.  We made it the mile home, took pictures, and possibly caught pneumonia.

However, today was darkened with sadness by the loss of Leonard Nimoy.  You will always be my Spock, dead or alive.


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